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The Latest News from Center of Hope Family Services

Center of Hope's 3rd Statewide Stigma Reduction Campaign

For the last 3 years, we have partnered with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Governor's Office of Faith-Based Initiatives to reduce the stigma around receiving mental health services for communities of color. In our most recent project, we have turned our attention to providing guidance to clinicians and other mental health professionals who endeavor to provide culturally responsive health services. We are building awareness, reducing stigma, demonstrating culturally relevant outreach and engagement, and ultimately facilitating a more culturally responsive system of care.

Making a National Impact: Juvenile Justice in Pinal County and Beyond

Center of Hope Family Services (COHFS) is a leading voice for removing barriers to achievement through culturally relevant and innovative programs and services that close the opportunity gap for those in need. Traditionally, our work has been near our headquarters in Northwest Ohio. Recently, we have begun to expand our impact to families who live in communities around the United States. For example, in 2022 we published two books on our ELEVATE! program. We are excited to announce that we have several new examples of our national impact. 

ELEVATE! Results: Plus, an Update on the Fight Against Food Deserts

As difficult as the COVID pandemic was in 2020-21, we are now learning that its impact continues a wrecking ball effect among children. The National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that math scores had taken their largest fall ever and reading scores are their lowest since 1992. ELEVATE!, our after-school enrichment program, is working with students every day to reverse the decline in student achievement. Our latest results show that we are making an impact, especially in the context of the academic struggles facing young students.

Community Impact: Fighting Toledo's Food Deserts

To really address a problem, sometimes you need to take on some of the root causes that are causing people to need our services in the first place. For example, decades of disinvestment in communities of color has caused many problems, one of which is the lack of healthy food options. The data is clear on this topic. "Food deserts" cause higher rates of diabetes and heart disease and poor nutrition impedes the ability of young children to learn.

Celebrating Staff Excellence: The Shift from Convener to Collaborator

As the Board Chair for Center of Hope Family Services, I am proud to send you our latest update.  We are grateful for your ongoing support in the work we do. All of us—the Board, our leadership, the staff, and the many people who support us—are dedicated to contributing our diverse skills to make the community stronger. This month, I'd like to share three updates with you. Together they provide the flavor of where we are when we begin our 26th year.

A New Year: Thank You, Stakeholders!

What a year it was! Throughout 2022, the Center of Hope celebrated its 25th anniversary. We reflected on a journey that has been incredibly rewarding, and we took the opportunity to thank those people who have helped us along the way—our donors, our staff, our stakeholders, and our students!